HRN is a for profit station however we are not completely supported by advertising revenue. We have additional expenses for rolling out our New Phone apps as well as some additional expenses for the station. We would like to raise an additional $600 monthly to help cover these and other future expenses. Nothing is too big for God to take care of.  Your gift of any size would be greatly appreciated.  You can make a 1 time or  a monthly donation by clicking on the donate button.

Why don't we have telethons or share-a-thons?  Well I've never felt like that is what God would want us to do. We have been online since 2003  and were one of the VERY FIRST stations to go online with Southern Gospel and Country Gospel music. At the time there was only a handfull of stations besides HRN Online. We have never made any big pleas for money.

ADVERTISING: If you have a business or even a church that would like to spread the word about your business or air your church service on HRN, we have very good airtime rates and you can reach the world with us! Please call Chad Jones at 417-592-5057 for more information!

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