HRN Chart for July 2022

HRN is a reporting station to the Singing News Magazine, Christian Voice Magazine and SGN Scoops


HRN Chart July 2022
Artist Title Count
Mark Dubbeld Family Just A Simple Thank You 35
Billy Walker Walk Away 26
Les Butler We’re Out of Here 21
Kingsmen Church Of The Great I Am 20
Dixie Melody Boys Gonna Keep Moving 18
Williamsons Out Of Harms Way 18
Perrys John 316 Is Calling Out To You 17
Curtis Hyler & Jubilation Remember 17
Dunnams I Lean On You, Lord 17
Legacy Five Enough For Me 14
Zane & Donna King In Your Hands 14
Dunaways Where There’s No Fire 14
Sound God Is Real 14
Lore Family I Bring You Jesus 14
Heart 2 Heart I See An Empty Grave 14
Gordon Mote Live Forgiven 13
Judith Montgomery Family Jesus Walked Through The Wall 13
Tribute Quartet That Heavenly Home 13
Michael Wayne Smith That Glorious Day 13
Jonathan Bledsoe He Know’s Exaclty What I Need 13
Paul Family Music Bluegrass Band Get Up and Walk 10
Browns Brighten The Corner Where You Are 9
Aaron Vance Love Sweet Love Sweet Love 9
Aaron Lewis Everybody Talks To God 9
Mitchell Whisnant Better Things 9
Mike Manuel A Country New Song 9
Marksmen The Spirit Moved 9
Inspirations We Shall Rise 8
3 Heath Brothers Jesus Is Coming Back 8
Gold City Gonna Take It and Leave It 8